KeyBar Quick Draw Pen Revolver Holder Review

Quick Draw Revolving pen holder – Billet Aluminum

Revolving Pen and Tool organizer


We are always looking for some awesome new gear for our desk.  This Quick Draw revolving pen holder was a great fit.  It's black aesthetic is what caught our eye and the crazy fast spinning bearing is like a Russian Roulette with writing devices.  


Get organized with the revolver inspired aluminum rotating pen (or anything else!) holder. Made in the USA.

KeyBar’s Quick Draw revolving desk organizer helps you show off/organize your desk tools in style. Can be used as a pen holder, tool holder, art supplies holder, etc.


Overall Impressions:

  • Black Cerakote special edition finish is amazing
  • Billet Aluminum build is nothing short of solid
  • Supporting an American made company for extra bonus points

 Highly recommended and will last for ever!  Great solid build and coatings as well.


  • Made from a 3" 6061 billet aluminum block 
  • 8 Pen holes measuring  – .625 inch in diameter , 4 inch overall height
  • American Made
  • Black Cerakote


Where to buy?


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