Benchmade Bugout Mini Knife Review: The Compact and Lightweight Knife for Any Adventure

Ultimate Light-Weight Mini Carry!

The past month we have been on a quest for an ultra small and light weight carry. We came across the Bugout mini which was a derivative from the very popular Bugout Full-size.  This knife featured a small to mid size Frame and compact blade with an ultra light weight feel.  Here at ONE SHEAR® we love a good axis lock for safety and this also was featured.


Use Case:

Our use case for this style knife has been in our EDC carry and used around the ONE SHEAR® warehouse and our printshop at Arnold Prints.  The 1.5oz is super light weight and works great for any minimal carry.  At ONE SHEAR® it has worked out great for opening boxes and random cuts needed.  Similar use case at Arnold Prints® as well.  It's often used for opening boxes while doing garment inventory and also cutting tape lines.  


The knife we purchased was a black on black look.  It features a plain drop point blade edge with CPM S30V steel.  The locking mechanism is an axis lock; which we are huge fans of.  The clip has a nice sturdy feel and also is black with a deep carry.  The bottom of the knife does feature a lanyard carry which is great for those who love the beads and lanyard style.  One thing that is great is if you ever want to swap the scales out; they are readily available.  Flytanium makes some great ones.  I think for a mini carry it does great.  We personally still prefer the original Bugout Full-size due to the grip.  Our glove size of the tester was XL and this knife was just slightly small in the hand.  



BLADE LENGTH 2.82” [7.16cm]
BLADE THICKNESS 0.090” [2.286mm]
OPEN 6.49” [16.48cm]
CLOSED 3.704” [9.41cm]
WEIGHT 1.5oz [42.52g]
HANDLE THICKNESS 0.412” [10.46mm]

MSRP: $130-$160


Where to buy? 

Green & Gray Bugout Mini

Black on Black with Carbon Fiber Scales Bugout Mini

Overall Thoughts:

Overall this Benchmade Bugout Mini checks a lot of our boxes off.  This is great for anyone with small hands or looking for an ultra compact folding knife.  The fit and finish is amazing and seems very durable.  There are many customizable options which makes this a great collectors knife.  It definitely has use in our Warehouse and Print Shop.  Great for any light weight or minimal carry needs.  Easily fits into the pocket, IFAK, purse, bag, and more.  Definelty would recommend this product to anyone with a need for an ultra compact, but great knife.  Benchmade is a great knife company and their reputation is well known.