Don't Buy another pair of Trauma Shears Until You Read This....

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Before you purchase your next pair of trauma shears, discover the top 5 industry secrets that could change the way you choose your tools.

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✂️ 1. Understanding the Material Difference:

  • Low-end Shears: Typically made in China, these shears are crafted from rolled steel and low-grade, un-hardened J2 steel, leading to quick wear and tear.
  • High-end Shears: Look for shears made with solid, Extreme Heavy Duty Steel for superior durability and longer-lasting sharpness.

✂️ 2. Coating Comparisons: Not All are Created Equal:

  • Low-end Coatings: Often use fluoride or mid-grade titanium coatings that offer minimal scratch resistance and degrade quickly.
  • High-end Coatings: Opt for Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings, the industry standard for scratch resistance and durability, rating a 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale.

✂️ 3. Ease of Cleaning and Decontamination:

  • Complex Structures: Foldable shears can trap blood and bacteria and are typically harder to clean and sterilize.
  • Optimal Design: Premium shears are easier to disassemble and clean, featuring simple, solid handles that are autoclavable and designed to minimize contamination.

✂️ 4. Are Your Shears Truly Ambidextrous?

  • Conventional Shears: Most are designed for right-hand use, potentially causing discomfort or ineffective cuts for left-handed users.
  • Superior Design: Premium shears offer a neutral grip, allowing for effective use with either hand without loss of torque or cutting power.

✂️ 5. Preventing Loss and Theft:

  • Personalization: Top manufacturers offer free or inexpensive engraving options to personalize your shears, significantly reducing the likelihood of theft and ensuring shears are returned to their rightful owner.

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