Got some questions about any of our ONE SHEAR? Here we address FAQ people have asked. Feel free to contact us!




How long does it take to ship my order?

  • ONE SHEAR™ Trauma shears 1-5 days on average depending on the shipping preference chosen at checkout.
  • ONE SHEAR apparel 7-14 days on average (Why so long?  Each item is printed on demand for the order.  Garments are shipped to our warehouse then printed, packed, shipped, and sent to you.  This helps reduce pricing for our customers via lower overhead cost.)


Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally at an additional cost.  Current areas we have serviced are Germany, Canada, Costa Rica, Netherlands, and The Philippines. 

Due to the customs restrictions, additional time might be required for up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.  We typically ship via USPS, UPS, and or DHL for our international shipping.

The typical cost is $45 for items under 1 lb total weight and $60 for greater than 2 lbs. total weight.



What happens when I place an order?

  • Order placed, and a confirmation of your order is emailed to the address provided.
  • Your order information is then transferred to our system (we never touch the data) to the shipping department. 
  • The shipping department will then create a shipping label to which you will automatically receive the tracking information when completed.
  • Your items are then fulfilled as requested and placed in our mailing room.
  • A USPS Courier picks up packages daily except for Sundays.
  • Your tracking number will become active as soon as USPS scans it into their system. Please allow 24 hours for your tracking to become active.

*There are some instances where your package may not get scanned in at the first destination.  Please allow at least an additional day to update.



What payment forms are accepted?

All major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discovery, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Sezzle.


What is Pre-Order?

Pre-Order items are a Pre-sale before in-stock. These items are either in production currently and or on the way from our manufacturing team.  These items are typically given at a pre-sale discount as an incentive on our new releases.  

When will they ship?  

Typically Pre-Order Items Ship within a month, but could ship earlier as the shipments arrive.  ONE SHEAR does are best at launching these about two weeks before arrival.  

What if I ordered another item that is not Pre-Order with my Pre-Order item?

We ship out the in-stock items first and then send out the Pre-Order as they arrive separately at no additional cost.  This way there is no downtime or additional waiting.



Can I cancel my Pre-Order?

Of course, you can.  We do suggest giving it some time as the discount won’t be applicable for the future and you may miss out on a limited run



Do you offer Bulk or Department Discounts?

Yes, we do.  Make sure to reach out to us by email and or phone for these inquiries.  We do have deep discounts for large orders and also have customization for your organization’s needs.  After All we do own our own print shop Arnold Prints!  Custom Engraving is also available on the ONE SHEAR products.



Do you offer wholesale for re-sale Certified?

We do offer wholesale pricing.  We will need to be contacted via  We will require your state’s current re-sale certificate annually, a confidentiality agreement, a non-compete agreement, and a wholesale agreement.



How do I wash my apparel?

We recommend washing all garments in cool water inside out to protect the prints and clean the dirt off best.  Light agitation or delicate cycle is best.  We also recommend air dry all garments if possible to avoid cracking of designs and or shrinkage.  If you must tumble dry your garments do so inside out, low heat, and delicate cycle.

For cleaning head wear, we recommend the old-school method… by hand with mild detergent and air dry only.

* Do not wash in hot water or bleach or high agitation settings

*Do not iron over any designs or on nylon based items



How do I loosen the bolt on my ONE SHEAR™?

We have made it easy to adjust with are coin/ flat head bolt system.  Typical reasons to tighten is to increase the cutting ability or if too loose… ie flopping around

Reasons to loosen are to tight to open or close and or cleaning.  Note the tighter the shear is the better it cuts.

*Hint: Small increments are needed for tightening or loosening.  

My ONE SHEAR is too tight?

Option 1:

  • Add a drop of oil or wd40 to center bolt areas
  • Open and close rapidly (watch finger as it can cut them off)

Option 2: 

  • Loosen the center bolt a small increment. (the shears should open with some force as allowing the blades to have tight registration.  At no point should you be able to hold one handle and the other drops on its own.  By doing that nothing will cut and the center bolt will come off.)

Option 3 

  • 561-323-7573



What should I clean my ONE SHEAR™ with?

We recommend doing the cleaning with bleach products for sanitizing.  Common other items used in the field are Cavi/ Sani wipes.  These wipes should be used sparingly as it could change the appearance of the coating to a more black/ golden haze.  If the coating becomes hazy use some oil/ gun oil to restore the deepened black look.

We do recommend oiling the center bolt if immersed or cleaned heavily to restore the ease of opening and closing. Also, the DLC coating typically should have oil applied to the metal once a month for precaution and basic maintenance.  Again this is a tool, not a toy.,

*Even if the black appearance changes the integrity of the steal and or cutting abilities will not be harmed.

This premium steel and coating are not for everyone.  But for those of you who know your steel and coatings, it’s a badass one!

Auto Clave 275F 25 mins.  Note the coating will be frosted looking re oil.  Handles may appear more glossy after.



Are ONE SHEARS™ Ambidextrous (AKA left and Right hand-friendly?

Yes, they are the only shear on the market that can cut left and right-handed without significant strain or cutting issues.  The handles were engineered to be neutral in position and can be gripped easily.  Most left-hand cutters have issues due to the ergonomic curve a RIGHTY shear.  This shear has no additional curvature in the handles.  Why does it still cut great?  Because of the neutral handles and the razor-sharp premium Extreme Duty steel.  We have done extensive testing with our employees and others who are left-handed and they love them!



Do you offer custom orders?

We do up to a certain extent.  We own a full-screen printing, embroidery, and non-metal goods laser. With this, we may be able to help with your needs.  Note that small orders with customization will come to a price.  This is not for everyone, but if interested email us at



How do I use my Promo Code?

First given the promo code is valid or active; you can use it at the checkout.  On the left-hand side of the checkout, the cart has a spot to input the code. 



How do I use my Gift Card?

During the checkout phase on the right-hand column has an entry for gift cards.  Add and apply.  If you are having issues please contact us at or call at 561-323-7573.



Do you give out promo codes?

We only give out promo codes on these platforms:

  • Spin the wheel on our site. (You must enter your email and name to get a chance to win)
  • Social Media Promos or Flash Sales
  • Group discount approved codes
  • Influencers (Again approved…. Large followings)
  • Sales / Email List
Do you have any FAQ regarding anything please free feel to contact us.