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Pediatric, Veterinarian offices, and discreet carry options are here!

We made our smallest shear to date, but still features many of the top notch features you have grown to love from ONE SHEAR.

The handles…. Well all business.  No shrinkage or difficult to use handles as they are the same size as our full sized.  Allows easy cutting and comfort.  

Blade thickness is 2.25mm reducing down the weight.  These are great for an ankle carry or even to fit inside a belt or small IFAK.  TSA compliant as all of our shears are as well.


Who this isn’t made for if you haven’t figured this out yet…   Not ideal for heavy cutting, high Reps like a trauma center, and not made to cut extreme items like the PROs.  

Can it cut clothes off yes, but due to the size and blade length it will take more effort.  If you want to strip clothes off for a trauma naked patient get the V2 or PRO edition instead.  These are for floor nurses, light weight carry, better use in k9 and pediatric use.  These also are great for ankle IFAKs or inside IFAK kits.  People looking for a great addition to the full size prefer these and also people looking for lightweight products with the same great tech as our other shears.

TSA compliant

THE ONE SHEAR features high-quality Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™, and diamond coated (DLC) blades, this is the game-changing shear you can't go without.

Our Newest edition ONE SHEAR MINI is a 6" length miniature trauma shear that still out weights the typical disposable shears; with its full solid steel construction.  It has a 2" Blade length and 2.5oz lightweight. 

With industry-standard Extreme Heavy Duty Steel™ guaranteed scratch and corrosion resistance, and Matte Black G9 Nylon gas-filled handles, anyone needing a sharp cut through the toughest materials will appreciate the functionality in design. If that's not enough, we promise the safest user experience you could get from a pair of shears. A blunt tip means no harm to patients while working around tough-to-cut areas, and bacteria-harboring-free elements reduce the risk of spreading germs or infection.

Whether you’re a medical professional, survivalist, military utility, or handyman, you can rest assured the ONE SHEAR will be your most reliable tool yet.  Perfect for your K9 kit, ankle IFAK, basic bandage cutting, and or veterinarian use.

When we say this is the ONE SHEAR™ you will ever need, we mean it.