Our Passion and mission for the ONE SHEAR you will ever need.

We created ER LIFE ONE SHEAR with the single goal of making the only shears you will ever need. Established in 2018, we designed our shear concept from top to bottom, starting with careful research and ending with a superior shear. We took the best elements from various cutlery and came up with the best shears we could produce at an affordable price. We take quality seriously and only source premium materials like the Extreme Heavy Duty Steel and DLC coating you’ll find in every one of our shears.

Our Engineers work tirelessly to perfect our state of the art shears. Thanks to a robust manufacturing team, improvements will always be within an arm's reach at the prices you know us for.  If you’re interested in online or brick-and-mortar wholesale, contact us today. Stay tuned for product updates and new releases.