So you might have seen and or missed out on the first round of Ghost Glow Shears.

They are coming back and not only the Pro Edition full-size, but also the Mini Shear.  This project has been one of our favorite drops to date.  It took about 6 months for us to source and create the brightest glow shear ever produced.  In fact it is approximately 3x brighter than the Leatherman Raptor released glow shear and also 10% brighter than the industries leading glow products in general.


Our mission was to create the brightest trauma shear ever produced and we nailed it!

So far the feedback has been great from our customers.  We have had countless emails and DMs about how bright this product is.  It has the luminescence of a Chem Stick and glows like a flashlight.  It is very receptive to any low light and charges even quicker in the daylight.  Many of the comments have been that the shears had to be place in a drawer or something else to get sleep as they glow so bright at night in their rooms.  Checkout our instagram @one_shear to see some customer supplied pictures as well.

The Mini Shear will be a great addition coming in August 2021.  This will be great for any lightweight carry or veterinarian use.  It also fits great on to a ankle carry and inside of a belt IFAK.


Stay tuned for more color and product releases