Altama Maritime Assault Boots Review: The Ultimate Footwear for Any Mission

So we were looking for a new rugged shoe/ boot that could be worn on and off the range.  We saw The Musa Store and a few other places that were showcasing these Maritime Assault Lows and had to try them.


We picked up the ALTAMA Maritime Assault Low Profile Model in the Black Multi-cam Pattern.  The first thing we checked was the Black Multi-Cam pattern to see if it was un-even or black in some areas and not came.  To  our surprise the pattern was even through-out the shoe.  They did a fantastic job.  Then next item on our list to check was the insole which seems to be made of a water proof type rubber or silicone material.  It was medium in firmness and seems to work well while wearing the shoe.  Our secondary concern with the insole was possible blistering while wearing.  So far no blisters and no feet pain while walking and standing for the majority of the day.  The toe box has a Rubber type material that allows protection, flex, and doesn't affect your toes from rubbing on the inside.  A unique feature is found on the sides of the shoe which appears to be a multi-purpose breathing port that helps drain water if submersed, allows air flow, and allows the toe box to flex when needed.  The sole of the boot features a non slip, neutral foot, or flat foot platform.  These potentially would be great in Law Enforcement, maybe a kitchen space, cross fit, and everyday usage.  The bottom of the shoe features a unique pattern that won't catch small rocks, but does provide adequate traction.  The back of the boot features a pull tabs which is great for putting the shoes on or even hanging to dry.  One of our favorite details on the boot is the metal eyelets for the laces and the soft, flat, and durable shoe laces.  The laces appear to be able to dry quickly and much better than ones on non tactical converse like shoes.

Specs from Altama Manufacturer 

Our Altama Maritime Assault Boot is made for all tactical water operations. With a fin friendly fit, this boot will fit just about any dive fin used by Militaries worldwide.

  • Maritime Assault Boot for all tactical water operations.
  • Air mesh linings help wick away sweat and other moisture quickly from your foot.
  • Full length one piece ABS shank provides stability and support when climbing a caving ladder.
  • Non-shine rust-proof lace hardware.
  • Ultron PU contoured insole will not absorb water.
  • High abrasion quick drying 1000D Cordura quarter panels offered on both solid colors and Multicam.
  • Front non-metallic drain ports allow for water to drain easily when flexing the boot.

13 Oz. (380g)

60 Day Comfort Guarantee | 1 year Manufacturer Warranty


Where to Buy:

Amazon Maritime Assault Low Profile

The Musa Store


Overall Thoughts:

Highly Recommend these boots.  ONE SHEAR® is confident that any of Altama Boots line will fit your needs and be a great addition to your footwear.  These seem super durable in the outside elements and still stylish enough to function daily.  We will be grabbing a pair of the mid profile shortly and we look forward to many years of great use.